About Us

Are you the type of parent who feels overwhelmed when you have to shop for your child? Shopping for kids is a tiresome chore to many. Among many considerations are price to fit the pocket, quality, durability and above all comfort. I had to search meticulously to find stylish yet comfortable clothing for my kid. Clothes that my Kid could wear all day without any fuss.

Some brands focused on style burning deep hole in my pocket and yet provided no comfort. Some were comfortable but so outdated. I wished I could find good quality fashionable clothes for my kid at affordable prices. And I knew that all my friends who had children longed for the same. This was the genesis of my brand Ninos Dreams, Ninos in spanish means Children or in other sense 'small' hence translating to small dreams. NinosDreams started with selling nightwear and has slowly transitioned into a brand which sells affordable and stylish clothes for children.

We have recently moved into smart casual wear outfits for ladies on popular demand from friends which can be paired as twinning combination. The philosophy remains same for clothes. Pocket friendly, affordable and stylish outfits.

I am super glad you stopped by my website. Look around and I am sure you will love the collection.


Pooja Pahuja Tageja
Ninos Dreams